You have a special event coming up, let us help you organise the food. We have a nice selection of sweet and savoury treats. 
You want something that is not on our menu;  give us a call to discuss if we can do it for you.
We will do our best to assist you.


Caramel tart, Strawberry Tart, Lemon Meringue Tart, Carrot Cake, Caprice, Coffee Eclair, Chocolate Eclair, Lemon Cheesecake, Apple Crumble, Vanilla eclair, (also)Fruit Tart, Raspberry Tart.
$2.5 each
10% discount over 30 Petits Fours
Ask for more flavours


Mini Quiches
$2.5 each
(Minimum order 10)
Quiche Lorraine (bacon & cheese)
Quiche Provencale (tomato, zucchini, cheese, herbs)
Quiche Forestiere (feta, asparagus, mushrooms)
10% discount over 30 Mini Quiches
Mini Brioche Bun
$3 each
(with a minimum order of 20)
- Salmon, Cucumber, Cream cheese & Chives
- Ham & Cheese
Savoury Choux
$3 each
(with a minimum order of 20)
Bechamel sauce, Bacon, Mushrooms & Cheese
Mini Rolls
$3 each
(with a minimum order of 20)
- Sausage Roll ( Pork, Bacon, Onions, Cheese)
- Veggie Rolls ( Feta & Spinach)
10% discount over 30 Mini Rolls
$8.5 each
We cater our sandwiches 
( Refer to the savoury section to know the flavours)

Morning Tea

Choose from:
Mini Croissant, mini Pain Au Chocolat & mini Pain Aux Raisins
$2.5 each
10% discount over 30 Mini Viennoiseries
Le Caprice Patisserie